Dog Sledding in Listvyanka, Siberia

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View of part of Listvyanka from the dog kennels

[ CRW_5843_RT16.jpg ]
View of part of Listvyanka from the dog kennels

[ CRW_5844_RT16.jpg ]
Children playing on a sledge in Listvyanka

[ CRW_5845_RT16.jpg ]
Dog sled with at the dog kennels

[ CRW_5848_RT16.jpg ]
Heather all wrapped up for the cold, waiting for her turn on the dog sled

[ CRW_5852_RT16.jpg ]
One of the young boys who seemed to look after the dogs

[ CRW_5854_RT16.jpg ]
Dogs lined up ready to be harnessed to the sled

[ CRW_5859_RT16.jpg ]
Dogs lined up on the sled, and Heather waiting in the background

[ CRW_5862_RT16.jpg ]
As the instructor brings the sled down for Heather to get in, two of the dogs start to fight

[ IMG_5863.jpg ]
The dog sled instructor trying to seperate two of the dogs that have started fighting

[ IMG_5864.jpg ]
Blood splatters from when the dogs had been fighting

[ CRW_5876_RT16.jpg ]
Heather getting into the sled for a quick 5Km ride

[ CRW_5865_RT16.jpg ]
Heather about to set off on a 5Km ride

[ CRW_5866_RT16.jpg ]
Waiting for Heather to return

[ CRW_5867_RT16.jpg ]
View across the valley in Listvyanka

[ CRW_5868_RT16.jpg ]
Heather returning from her 5Km ride onthe dog sled, freezing cold

[ CRW_5871_RT16.jpg ]
Heather returning from her 5Km ride onthe dog sled, freezing cold

[ CRW_5875_RT16.jpg ]
Some of the kids from the dog sled centre skiing

[ CRW_5888_RT16.jpg ]
It's a hard life getting back up the hill, maybe with a little help from your friends...

[ CRW_5889_RT16.jpg ]
Another customer racing home

[ IMG_5893.jpg ]
Sleding back to the centre

[ IMG_5894.jpg ]
A private Banya (Sauna) outside someones house

[ CRW_5887_RT16.jpg ]
View from the top of the kennels looking down at the "office" and the valley behind

[ CRW_5883_RT16.jpg ]
Dog making some noise

[ CRW_5850_RT16.jpg ]
Cute dog looking a little tierd

[ CRW_5879_RT16.jpg ]
Cute dog wondering who I am

[ CRW_5881_RT16.jpg ]
A really cute looking dog, I am not sure if snow had fell on him, or he ha been eating it or something.

[ CRW_5886_RT16.jpg ]
Dog having a little sleep

[ CRW_5858_RT16.jpg ]
Dog perched on top of his kennel

[ CRW_5849_RT16.jpg ]
Dog surveying what is going on at the dog kennels

[ CRW_5856_RT16.jpg ]
One of the dogs coming to see what is going on

[ CRW_5877_RT16.jpg ]
A rather cold looking dog on top of his kennel, or does he think he is a parrot?

[ CRW_5878_RT16.jpg ]
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/Dog Sledding in Listvyanka, Siberia

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As the second part of my 30th birthday present from my partner Heather, while we were in Listvyanka, Siberia, Heather paid for me to have a few kilometers on a dog sled. There aren't any photos of me, but there are some of Heather in the sled and some of the huskies.

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