Hotel Derevenka, Siberia

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Hotel Derevenka

[ CRW_5772_RT16.jpg ]
Our little log cabin for the few days we were in Listvyanka

[ CRW_5770_RT16.jpg ]
The log burner and the only heathing in the cabin

[ CRW_5767_RT16.jpg ]
When it eventually stayed lit, it did produce a lot of heat

[ CRW_5933_RT16.jpg ]
Two single beds that could be pushed together

[ CRW_5766_RT16.jpg ]
A sink with a shower head for a tap, and the warm water supplied through an electric shower.

[ CRW_5768_RT16.jpg ]
A fully working loo :o) (well except for the last night where the whole place seemed to run out of water. When we told the owner, I think he went outside to flick a switch and refill the tanks from Lake Baikal. He came back and said '100 litres'

[ CRW_5769_RT16.jpg ]
The area within the log cabin complex, still complete with Christmas tree

[ CRW_5771_RT16.jpg ]
Inside the complex at night time (with a long exposure)

[ CRW_5901_RT16.jpg ]
Inside the complex at night time (with a long exposure)

[ CRW_5899_RT16.jpg ]
The main cabin, where the food was prepared and served. This is also were the shower and Banya (Sauna) was.

[ CRW_5937_RT16.jpg ]
Inside the main cabin, with Heather eating breakfast on the last day

[ CRW_5939_RT16.jpg ]
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/Hotel Derevenka, Siberia

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Just to get the feel of the type of accommodation that we have been staying in, here are a few shots of the "hotel" that we stayed at in Listvyanka, Siberia. It was a small log cabin complex, and it looked as if theowner had decided to go into the hotel business and had built some cabins in his large back garden. A great place though. I think that we were the only customers at the time!

It was recomended by the manager of the hostel that we stayed in in Irkutsk, but can (kind of) be found here on the web.

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